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How does HughesNet Deliver Satellite Internet Service?

Connecting to HughesNet is a multi-step process as outlined below:

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  1. You request something from a web page and that request is sent from your modem to the satellite, which is approximately 22,000 miles in space. The satellite is geostationary so its orbit matches with the Earth’s, keeping it in the same spot.
  2. Once the signal reaches the satellite, it sends it to the Hughes Network Operations Center (NOC). The NOC identifies the website.
  3. After the NOC locates the website, it sends the signal back through the same pathway: from the satellite, to your modem, and then finally your page loads. Because satellite internet service has developed so much, you hardly experience any significant delays due to the distance. Once the necessary technology is installed at your home, you are ready to surf the internet.

Get Satellite Internet Service Everywhere with HughesNet Gen5

If you live in the contiguous United States, HughesNet Gen5 is available for you. If you have a clear view of the southern sky, you can get HughesNet regardless how rural an area. You do not need to have any wires like DSL or dial-up internet. Availability in Alaska depends on your view of the southern sky. The Gen5 plans offer customers in these areas more data, faster speeds, and built-in WiFi, allowing you stay connected wherever you are.

Gen5 Satellite Internet

Latest Satellite Internet Technology

HughesNet uses SmartTechnologies to ensure that you are always getting the most out of your satellite internet service. Because there are data caps, some of the features that help you manage that are:

  • Automatically shrinking web data by almost 30%, which allows to download more content and visit more web pages without using a big portion of data.
  • Data tracking with the usage meter so that you know exactly how much data you have used at any given point in the month.
  • The ability to purchase data tokens so in the event you do go over your data cap, you can purchase one to return to normal browsing speeds.

Use Your Satellite Internet to Make Phone Calls

HughesNet Voice uses your satellite internet connection to bring you Voice-over-IP (VoIP) calling. It does not require any wires like traditional home phone services and you get all the same great features. All you have to do it purchase HughesNet Voice with your internet service and your installer will bring an analog telephone adapter. This device converts traditional phone signals to digital ones that your satellite is able to transmit. You get crystal-clear calling with the same coast-to-coast availability and it does not count toward your monthly data allowance.