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HughesNet Gen5 Plans and Pricing

Satellite Internet from coast to coast.

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HughesNet Gen5 gives customers a faster and more reliable internet connection from coast-to-coast. All HughesNet Gen5 plans come with:

Download Speeds

25 Mbps
Download Speeds

Upload Speeds

3 Mbps
Upload Speeds

Data Cap

No Hard
Data Caps

Bonus Data Zone

Bonus Data Zone between 2am and 8am

The Fastest Satellite Internet Speeds in America

HughesNet is the #1 Satellite Internet Provider in America and has been consistently recognized by the FCC for delivering advertised speeds to customers. The new HughesNet plans all have 25Mbps Download Speeds and 3Mbps Upload Speeds. Choose the Next Plan Up, and save $30 each month for the first 12 months!

10 GB/Month


first 12 months


after promo period

  • Best for a single user looking to connect to the internet

20 GB/Month


first 12 months


after promo period

  • Ideal for two users who want fast, reliable internet

30 GB/Month


first 12 months


after promo period

  • Good for multiple users to do their everyday browsing

50 GB/Month


first 12 months


after promo period

  • Enough internet for the entire family
Satellite Internet

Free Standard Installation for HughesNet Gen5 Customers

When you choose one of the new HughesNet plans, you will receive all the necessary equipment and have it installed by a certified HughesNet technician. The technician will come to your home and install the modem and connect up to 2 devices. Next, they will determine where on your property has the best view of the southern sky to install the satellite dish. The installer will run RG-6 cable from the antenna to the computer and weather-seal any necessary wall penetrations that were made.

HughesNet Gen5

Manage Your Account Through The HughesNet Dashboard

With all new HughesNet Plans, you have access to a personal HughesNet Dashboard. Here you can view billing details, track your monthly data usage, check your speed, or upgrade your current plan. You also can catch up on the latest news, sports, entertainment stories, and play games.

Additional Equipment Fees

HughesNet gives you the option to buy or lease your equipment. Also, all standard installation is included with the purchase of your plan.

Purchasing Equipment

  • Upfront cost $349.98
  • Normal price- $449.98
  • Save $100 instantly No monthly payments

Leasing Equipment

  • Lease cost $14.99/month
  • Save $99 instantly!

Finding the Right HughesNet Plan

HughesNet Gen5 internet plans range between 10 GB/month and 50 GB/month. With no hard data caps and all new data saving tools, you just have to figure out how much data you need each month. Below is a chart that estimates the amount of data used by various internet activities.


How can you use 10 GB/month?

How can you use 20 GB/month?

How can you use 30 GB/month?

How can you use 50 GB/month?

Streaming music uses 75 MB/hour

140 hours

280 hours

420 hours

720 hours

  - OR -

SD streaming uses 700 MB/hour

15 hours

30 hours

45 hours

75 hours

  - OR -

HD streaming uses 2 GB/hour

5 hours

10 hours

15 hours

25 hours

  - OR -

Web browsing uses 2 MB/web page

5,000 pages

10,000 pages

15,000 pages

25,000 pages

  - OR -

Social media uses 350 MB/hour

30 hours

60 hours

90 hours

150 hours

Optional HughesNet Services

HughesNet gives you the option to buy or lease your equipment. Also, all standard installation is included with the purchase of your plan.

Express Repair

Express Repair covers any unexpected issues with your HughesNet Service and gives you additional peace of mind. Both plans require a $29.95 onsite co-pay. Get Express repair free for 30 days when you purchase your HughesNet Plan.

  • Basic Express Repair- $7.95/month
  • Onsite repair in 1-2 business days
  • Premium Express Repair- $7.95/month
  • Onsite repair by the next business day

Data Tokens

If you go over your data limit and want to return to normal browsing speeds, HughesNet allows you to purchase data tokens.

  • 3 GB / $9
  • 5 GB / $15
  • 10 GB / $30
  • 25 GB / $75


The HughesNet ZoneAlarm gives you additional peace of mind while browsing the internet by protecting your computer against viruses, spyware, malware, and hackers.

  • 1 PC- 1.95/month
  • 3 PCs- $2.95/month

PC System Essentials

Keep your computer running smoothly for just $3.95 each month with HughesNet PC System Essentials. This service allows you safely keep your hard drive running by detecting any issues and deleting unwanted files.